Turning ‘Disease-Care into Health-Care’

We are making healthcare proactive and accessible for everyone, by eliminating waste.

We improve transparency in healthcare so that the right tools and information are available at the right time, to reduce disjointed services, reduce risk and reduce waste. These savings improve collaboration and create a better healthcare experience for patients and providers.

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Is it really HealthCare, or DiseaseCare?

How often do you hear:

  • It’s groundhog day. Both staff and patients want less paperwork because it’s frustrating, with no apparent benefit;
  • Technology puts users in control in financial and legal services – but not healthcare, where it just seems to get in the way;
  • Patients want more caring – but staff are too busy.

The healthcare system is inefficient and unpleasant, and it causes staff and patients to become disengaged, inefficient and to make mistakes. Good people get defeated by a bad system. This results in inferior outcomes at best, and burnout at worst – double that of other white collar occupations. We want to help transform healthcare. We find or create tools to give patients more of what they want, and staff less of what they don’t want.


Douglas provides media and written commentary, and speaking engagements, around future healthcare, and the innovation of using business processes as a new clinical tool.

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Douglas provides Healthcare Consulting to reduce risk and cost and improve the healthcare experience for patients, staff and doctors. These factors improve healthcare accessibility and affordability, and help an organisation to profit with reputation.
Adapting innovations from other industries to healthcare. While it is cost- and time-efficient to use known effective methods, it is essential to have an insider’s healthcare knowledge to achieve improved risk, cost and healthcare experience.

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Douglas owns in the private specialist practice Artior Somnus Anaesthesia. He is accredited at all major private hospitals in Adelaide, and most smaller hospitals as well. Most types of surgery are catered for, including neuroanaesthesia, orthopaedics, ear/nose/throat, bariatric and paediatrics.

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Stay better connected with your patients.

Our Patient Feedback Tool (PFT) is a great way to contact and engage your patients quickly through a web-based platform that is easy to use and was developed exclusively for healthcare providers.

  • Contact patients, via SMS without sharing your phone number.
  • Collect and measure their satisfaction levels and Acknowledge and deal with any issues through a direct feedback portal.
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Reimagining Healthcare

How clinicians & non-clinicians reduce risk, waste and disjointed services?

Do you worry about risks to your facility’s reputation? Are rising costs threatening your profitability? Do you struggle to maintain a high -performing effective workforce?

This book shows you how to create a profitable facility with an enviable reputation, making you a preferred healthcare provider and employer. ‘Reimagining Healthcare’ helps you to determine the area to target for maximum benefit to your facility and ensure successful implantation by showing you:

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  • Where healthcare is headed
  • Top issues confronting healthcare
  • Human outcomes of healthcare system problems
  • Why improvements fail
  • How to engage clinical personnel
  • What patients want
  • Collaborative healthcare improvement models
  • How to get clinical and non-clinical personnel talking


“This book will challenge your thinking and make you drill down to explore the type of behaviours and traits we need to meet the demands facing healthcare. Although we have elements of collaboration, healthcare is still in silos. Now we have the opportunity to create an engaging model of care that can inspire and drive change and true patient centricity, with improved patient outcomes and a sustainable healthcare mode.” – Mr Arthur Mitsioulis, Managing Director, OPIS HEALTHCARE

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

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