Anaesthesia Information For Patients

Anaesthesia Information For Patients Preparation is everything. Anaesthesia safety has been likened to aviation safety. Preparation and training maximise the enviable safety record in Australia.

Pre-Anesthesia Registration and Information Form


This is always performed on the day of your anaesthesia, and days or weeks prior if indicated – for example, for long or complex operations, or if you have multiple medical conditions. Various questions will be asked, and a targeted physical examination will be performed. This assists minimisation of any risks associated with your anaesthesia and operation.

A consultation prior to the day is recommended. Options include:

  • Video consultationsAvailable via your computer. Medicare provides a rebate – but only if you live further than 15 km from the city centre. An out-of-pocket fee may result, although the subsequent fee for the anaesthesia is usually reduced. To find time here
  • Telephone consultations – Popular, although there is no rebate. An out-of-pocket fee will result, although the subsequent fee for the anaesthesia is usually reduced.
  • In-person consultations –  Available prior arrangement. Medicare provides a rebate, although health funds do not. An out-of-pocket fee may result, although the subsequent fee for the anaesthesia is usually reduced. To find a time for an in-person consultation, email us or ring 08 8554 6078.

If you have multiple medical issues or are having a long or complex operation, a consultation prior to the day is required. Please, complete the Pre-Anesthesia Registration and Information Form and send it via email (attach both sides of the form as a photo), or fax to 08 82190195 or mail to Level 5 Neurosurgery Consulting, 120 Angas Street, Adelaide SA 5000.

Options for Your Anaesthesia


There are risks associated with anaesthesia and surgery. Fortunately, significant risks are very rare. Australia is quoted as one of the safest countries in the world for anaesthesia. Some risks to consider are listed below. Please discuss any concerns that you may have at your consultation.

Risks increase with obesity, smoking, co-existing medical conditions and complex surgery.

Risks include:

  • Infrequent (<10%): nausea, vomiting, sore throat, bruising/ pain at injection, muscle aches, headache, dizzy
  • Rare risks (<1%): breathing difficulty, nerve injury, allergy, teeth/ lip/ tongue injury, infection and blood clots
  • Extremely rare (<0.1%): awareness, eye injury, brain/ spinal cord injury, heart attack, lung/ liver/ kidney damage


Anaesthesia Consent will be obtained prior to your procedure, to assist your understanding of the potential risks and complications for your anaesthesia. This varies with the type of operation, anaesthesia, and your medical conditions (if any).

Financial Consent. A specific estimate for your anaesthesia fee can be obtained from Artior Somnus Anaesthesia on 08 8554 6078, by filling in the form on the next page, or by emailing

Please consider the questions on the next page before submitting this form.

Please advise the date of surgery, your surgeon, the name of the operation and its likely duration, and your Medicare and Health Fund details. To make this easy for you, please fill in all the fields in the form provided and a member of our team will be in contact with you.

As an indication, out-of-pocket expenses may range from nil to $150 for short procedures, up to $500 for intermediate procedures, and from $1,000-$2,000 for very long or complex procedures (valid 2016). Concessions are made when appropriate – please advise if you hold a concession card.

More Information

For more information, please go here.

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