About Dr Douglas Fahlbusch

Douglas sees that the health care system is in crisis. An aging population and increased patient expectations mean that demand and costs are rising. Douglas feels strongly that health care workers can and must contribute to remodelling healthcare delivery so that it is readily accessible, affordable and available to everyone. We need a proactive, health optimisation system, not a reactive, disease-treating system. And it needs to be cheaper, while being safer and a better experience for everyone involved.

Douglas has been a doctor, hospital advisor and staff educator for over 25 years, during which time he has worked as a general practitioner/ family physician in civilian and military systems in Australia, performed roadside and hospital retrieval work in South Australia (SA), and performed over 20,000 anaesthetics in Adelaide, SA.

Through this work, he is exposed daily to gaps in healthcare delivery siloes that contribute to increased risk, cost, and an impaired experience for both patients and healthcare workers. Did you know that burnout in healthcare is up to double that of other white collar workers?

After pro-bono work with the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and the Australian Society of Anaesthetists (ASA), Douglas undertook a Graduate Diploma of Management and the Company Directors’ Course to better bridge the language between the siloes of politics/business and healthcare. He sees value being left on the table on both sides, contributing to the estimated 20% waste in healthcare delivery today (ABS and OECD figures) – $AUD 40 billion in 2022 alone!

Then it became personal, through the disjointed and confronting journey of becoming a cancer patient. The impressive abdominal scar is a daily reminder to turn the above good intentions into actions. The consulting company, book and speaking engagements are just the start. Collaboration with companies such as www.surgicalorder.com and www.zoneculture.com.au turn his ideas into reality.


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• Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor, University of South Australia

• Clinical Lecturer at Flinders University

• Founder of Douglas Fahlbusch Healthcare Consulting

• Member of Australia Medical Association (AMA)

• Member Australian Society Anaesthetists (ASA)

• Member Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (ANZCA)

• Graduate Australian Institute Company Directors (AICD)


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