How to Engage Clinicians and Administrators

Healthcare needs to rethink and develop new ways of care delivery. However, leadership teams are rarely aligned between the clinical and the business side; then, a passive culture where ‘ways things are’ develops.

Clinical innovation has not been aligned with business innovation leading to a massive gap toward care delivery and customer service. To unlock the value of business improvements, clinical leaders must shift their mindset – to think of business innovation as a clinical tool. On the other hand, for business leaders to unlock the value of clinical improvements, a similar mind shift is required by seeing the introduction of a new clinical process or devices as an ideal opportunity for improvements in the business.

More details on Clinician-Hospital Collaboration Setup

The conflict between how business and clinical leaders perceive innovation leads to friction and pressure – hospitals are trapped. This conflict contributes to hidden costs estimated at 20% of the healthcare spend in Australia, relating to tens of millions of dollars per annum for a typical medium-sized hospital, and $30B nationally.

To remain sustainable, hospitals must pursue a balance between both clinical and business leaders about areas for improvement through systems-thinking as a tool to reduce complexity, enhance quality and improve efficiency.

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