Future Healthcare Workforce

How do we make sense of the future of healthcare?



Technology can put human values at the centre of healthcare. New ways of delivering healthcare mean we can redesign our future system and fix the current broken system. For technology advances to succeed in healthcare, we need to design an improved, better connected system – and then adapt machines to serve us.

A convergence of technologies is increasing the depth of expertise of healthcare that can be made available at every interaction. These technologies are also enabling a greater breadth of delivery, so that healthcare is available inexpensively to more people in more places at more times. Healthcare is becoming more accessible, available and affordable for everyone.

Artificial Intelligence

AI can be applied at a lower level (machine learning) to look for changes in an individual’s digital exhaust that may indicate disease. Repetitive tasks, such as reading medical imaging and pathology slides, lend themselves well to the use of machine learning, by flagging exceptions. AI doesn’t sleep and doesn’t forget.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality combines human senses with software and hardware to enable real time interaction with a 3-D computer generated environment. Virtual Reality is used for medical learning, remote supervision, and remote therapeutics in the home, community or hospital.

Wearable Sensors

With nanotechnology, measurements can be taken non-invasively from wearable items such as contacts and clothing. Jewellery can contain sensors, and home test kits can analyse body secretions such as exhaled breath, waste and sweat.


Applications include lab assistant robots, soft and hard exoskeletons for rehabilitation and mobility, soft cardiac pouch pumps for heart failure, microrobotics for equipment inspections and nanorobots for delivering medication or other payloads internally.

‘The best way to predict the future is to create it.’-Peter Drucker’

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