Douglas FahlbuschDouglas Fahlbusch


Jennie Cameron

CEO - Stirling Hospital

Geoff Evans

Costing Business Development Manager, PowerHealth Solutions

Matt Michalewicz

Managing Director, Complexica

I am pleased to be able to provide a testimonial for Dr Douglas Fahlbusch. Dr Fahlbusch is a logical and lateral thinker and has combined his management background with years of experience as a Specialist Anaesthetist. Using this unique skill set he has provided Stirling Hospital with the support and expertise to enable us to better manage risk and costs and ultimately improve both clinical and commercial outcomes.

I have collaborated with Dr Douglas Fahlbusch on several initiatives aimed at improving patient outcomes, reducing risk and increasing efficiency in the healthcare sector.  As a practicing clinician, Douglas has been successful in driving clinical engagement to reduce risk and cost by assessing workflows and introducing clinical re-design.  Perioperative are well positioned to advise healthcare providers on optimising patient outcomes and service delivery.

Working with Douglas has been an extremely positive and successful venture, with the utmost professionalism and expertise.
The company offers sound healthcare delivery and solutions, making significant improvements for patients, staff and clinicians.
I cannot recommend working with Douglas highly enough and know that he’ll always deliver above and beyond anyone’s expectations.