MIGA Key Opinion Leaders Dinner

Last month I presented at the MIGA Key Opinion Leaders Dinners in Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney to discuss health technology with key healthcare leaders.

What I Learned

New tech tools can put human values at the centre, and increase healthcare availability, affordability and accessibility. New ways of delivering healthcare mean that we can design our future healthcare, rather than recreate our current paper version electronically. As each tech advance occurs more quickly than the last, we need to think now about how and when we want to incorporate machine learning into our working lives.

At the panels we heard about frustrations with technology in healthcare. As a tool it can be good or bad. Design that offers value to the users – patients, staff, nurses and doctors – succeeds. Most health technology unfortunately becomes frustrating – it perpetuates the current broken paper and manual processes.

Let’s create an actual healthcare system, one that is data-centred, and user-centred, instead of the collection of disconnected services we currently have.

My book ‘Clinical Business – How to use business as a clinical tool’ examines how business processes can improve transitions of care, for more effective, efficient and engaged care. Pre-orders open soon – email admin@perioperative.com.au to receive a preview.

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