10 Types of Innovation

1. Network – In today’s hyper-connected world, no company can or should do everything alone. Network innovations provide a way for firms to take advantage of other companies’ processes, technologies, offerings, channels, and brands—pretty much… Read more

MIGA Key Opinion Leaders Dinner

Last month I presented at the MIGA Key Opinion Leaders Dinners in Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney to discuss health technology with key healthcare leaders. What I Learned New tech tools can put human values at… Read more

Transitions of Care

Just connecting existing systems and data would unlock a lot of our frustrations, improving the healthcare experience for patients and care providers alike. When I was a patient, filling out similar forms containing similar data,… Read more

Social Determinants of Health

Western countries are extremely lucky to benefit from both wealth and longevity. This is something that hasn’t happened in previous generations. It is widely believed that healthcare, including public health, has contributed immensely to this… Read more

Health’s financial paradox

How do we convince health administrators of the benefit of interventions when the savings aren’t ‘seen’ in decreased expenditure, but are spent on alternative/ extra services that otherwise couldn’t occur? The author here suggests on… Read more

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