Facing Up To Command and Controlism

“We need to face up to what Command-and-Controlism has done to us, our way of thinking and our organisations. And to do this, we need to know the warning signs. So, here are twenty questions… Read more

Disrupt or be Disrupted

“You are either being disrupted or a disruptor — sometimes you are both,” says Neil Patel, president of Healthbox and EVP at HIMSS. That’s why it’s important to always be looking ahead and thinking about… Read more

Is VR Just Fun and Games?

Patients and staff get stressed by not quite knowing, or remembering, what they’re supposed to know. Imagine being able to show or teach them as often as they want, as though you’re in the room,… Read more

Why are healthcare workers stressed?

Healthcare relies on clinical capability and business capability – however these experts rarely collaborate,   The result? Healthcare budgets are in trouble. Staff are stressed. Patients suffer. How do we encourage the different disciplines to… Read more

Patient Engagement

Patients want more communication. While the majority prefer phone interactions when consultations aren’t face to face, a majority are also open to giving their doctors real-time access to health information via connected devices and apps. 60% of survey… Read more

10 Types of Innovation

1. Network – In today’s hyper-connected world, no company can or should do everything alone. Network innovations provide a way for firms to take advantage of other companies’ processes, technologies, offerings, channels, and brands—pretty much… Read more

MIGA Key Opinion Leaders Dinner

Last month I presented at the MIGA Key Opinion Leaders Dinners in Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney to discuss health technology with key healthcare leaders. What I Learned New tech tools can put human values at… Read more

Transitions of Care

Just connecting existing systems and data would unlock a lot of our frustrations, improving the healthcare experience for patients and care providers alike. When I was a patient, filling out similar forms containing similar data,… Read more

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