Why Healthcare Change is Hard

4 minutes read The Barrier Collaboration can feel threatening to clinicians and healthcare managers. Both groups can become territorial and defensive, creating a barrier to change. The Breakthrough By conducting a threat assessment to ensure… Read more

Decision-Making In Healthcare

3 minute read The purpose of healthcare is to provide the highest level of care and the best possible outcomes for patients. However, the interests of staff, clinicians, executives, boards, and shareholders do not always… Read more

Barriers To Change In Healthcare

Healthcare is Australia’s most significant industry, at 12.7% of GDP (~A$150 billion), with over 1.5 million people employed in healthcare and social assistance. That’s a big pie; however, you slice it. Global spending on healthcare… Read more

Technology in Healthcare

  Healthcare has become highly complex, but the model for delivering it hasn’t followed those changes causing to healthcare to lose its essence and to become unsustainable. Since changes are inevitable, the best approach is… Read more

Innovation in Healthcare – Part 2

In part 1, we looked at how having ‘top-down’ thinking means that golden opportunities to transform ‘disease-care’ into healthcare are being missed. Now, we will be looking in some example at how ‘bottom-up’ thinking and… Read more

Innovation in Healthcare – Part 1

  Could Overlooking Internal Innovations Be Costing Your Patients And Your Organisation? Healthcare organisations are in desperate need of reform. However, top-down thinking eans that golden opportunities to transform ‘disease-care’ into healthcare are being missed…. Read more

Why Do I Want to Improve Healthcare?

The above image shows the rise in healthcare costs (black line), numbers of doctors (yellow), and numbers of administrators (blue). We haven’t got healthcare delivery right. Since healthcare has become more complex, using experts for the non-clinical… Read more

Facing Up To Command and Controlism

“We need to face up to what Command-and-Controlism has done to us, our way of thinking and our organisations. And to do this, we need to know the warning signs. So, here are twenty questions… Read more

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