7 Phrases to Cultivate Psychological Safety in Your Team

Creating a workplace that values every individual’s voice is the bedrock of a psychologically safe environment. Whether you’re a team leader, a seasoned HR professional, or a healthcare manager, fostering psychological safety is not just an option—it’s a necessity for a productive, innovative, and healthy team dynamic. But how can leaders turn these ideals into practical and actionable communication that resonates with every team member?

To guide you through this transformation, here are 7 phrases that can serve as the building blocks of a culture brimming with psychological safety. From acknowledging individual concerns to promoting open dialogue and conflict resolution, these phrases can be your toolkit for better team interactions.

1. “I Noticed That…”

Acknowledging what you observe is often the first step towards validating a team member’s experience. It shows that you are tuned in and that individual contributions are valued. Start your conversation with this phrase to encourage others to open up and share their perspectives.

2. “I Could Be Wrong, However I’m Thinking…”

Injecting cautious humility into your statements immediately eases the pressure on your team to be ‘right’ all the time. It opens the floor for alternative viewpoints without shutting down the original idea. This phrase communicates that you’re open to being corrected and that collaborative thinking is always welcome.

3. “Help Me Understand Why…”

This phrase is a direct invitation to share differing viewpoints without judgement. It communicates a genuine desire to learn and shows respect for the other person’s reasoning. It paves the way for engagement and prevents constructive feedback from coming across as confrontational.

4. “What Do You Think, and Are There Concerns?”

Directly asking for objections can nip potential misunderstandings in the bud. It encourages team members to voice concerns or anxieties that they might have otherwise kept to themselves. By proactively addressing these concerns, you can help your team feel safer and more supported.

5. “I Need Your Expertise on This”

This phrase not only acknowledges a person’s skills or experience but also reinforces their status as a valued team member. It invites them to contribute to the best of their ability, without fear of being criticized for their input.

6. “How Are We Doing on the Team Front?”

Asking about the general team atmosphere provides an opportunity for feedback on a broader scale. It shows that you’re attuned to the team’s well-being and open to discussing any underlying tensions. Utilize this phrase to surface issues before they fester and grow into bigger problems.

7. “We’ve Got This, Together”

Ending discussions with unity-focused statements reaffirms the strength of the team as a collective. It instills a sense of shared purpose and mission, creating a supportive and encouraging environment where everyone feels they’re working towards the same goals.

Incorporating these phrases into your daily interactions can transform your team dynamic. They are not just verbal niceties; they are a reflection of a leader’s commitment to creating a culture of psychological safety. By openly addressing concerns, fostering open dialogue, and providing support, you can create an environment that values each team member’s mental and emotional well-being. Remember, change often begins with a simple phrase—so choose yours wisely.

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