Why are healthcare workers stressed?

Healthcare relies on clinical capability and business capability – however these experts rarely collaborate,


The result? Healthcare budgets are in trouble. Staff are stressed. Patients suffer.

How do we encourage the different disciplines to collaborate?

Improvement needs to come from within. On our last project we:

  1. Interviewed team members separately, to find problems and concerns, and to reduce surprises;
  2. Made our list of their top concerns, and then got the senior teams (clinical and administrative) together to list theirs;
  3. Agreed on a ‘Top 3’ started to build trust – everyone could agree that they were ultimately there for what matters to patients.

Solving top concern(s) alongside business problems creates value for staff, patients and clinicians. Staff are happier, more efficient and make fewer mistakes. Patients love the improved customer service. Increased referrals result.

Collaboration reduces cost and risk, and increases quality.
It takes a little work to do this – and a lot if you don’t.
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